Professional Services

System & Software Engineering  

Intecs can deliver consultancy services related to the definition of the most suitable processes & methods to apply in System/SW developments.  

Namely, consultancy services are available for the following activities:  

  • Feasibility Study  
  • User Requirements Analysis  
  • System/SW Requirements Analysis and Specification  
  • System/SW Modeling and Design, both high-level and component-level  
  • System/SW Implementation  

System Integration and Test  

The long-time, consolidated internal experience in System Integration, let Intecs offer highly qualified consultancy services in the system integration itself, for all the concerned domains. Namely, the offer comprises the following:  

  • Systems and Sub-system Integration (both HW and SW)  
  • Integration Test, both Lab and on-site.  
  • Design of both Real and Virtual Test-Beds  
  • Design and implementation of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)  
  • Model-based testing  
  • HW/SW components testing, from unit level to system level.  

Independent Verification & Validation  

Intecs can leverage upon a long experience of Independent Assessments in favor of major and large Enterprises or final users. This lets  Intecs  offer advanced Independent V&V services, such as:

  • Code Coverage analysis  
  • Standard compliance  
  • Code Inspection  
  • Static Analysis & Metrics  
  • Functional Test  


Thanks to our RAMS expertise in different domains (avionics, railway, aerospace, defense, automotive, telecom), strong methodological skills and practical experience gained in consulting activities, Intecs helps organizations to effectively manage RAMS requirements for safety critical systems ensuring compliance with the domain standards. 

Our experts are capable to support the customer in technical safety and RAM activities starting from the early phases of the product development to its certification: 

  • Planning the system and software safety lifecycle (Safety Plans, RAM Plan, etc.);
  • Hazards identification and risk assessment (HARA);
  • Definition, quantification and apportionment of RAMS requirements to subsystems;
  • Qualitative or quantitative RAMS analyses/methods: 
  • Reliability prediction
  • Product and Process FMEA
  • FTA
  • Maintenance (preventive and corrective) analysis;

Providing highly specialized technical support to the activities of “safety assessment” in different domains;Evaluation of the RAMS process currently performed by the customer (as-is) in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency (to-be).